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Rechargeable Bike Lights – Set


USB – Rechargeable battery ULTRA BRIGHT 3 led bike light set with:

  • 3 Settings
  • Use for jogging, camping and more
  • Clips easily onto shirts, belts and caps

100% LIFETIME GUARANTEE. Great quality, great customer service

EASY TO INSTALL – this bicycle light front and back set installs easily in less than 60 seconds.


Ultra light & fits most bicycles, including mountain bike, street bike, kids bike, beach cruisers, BMX, etc. Use a scooter light & more.

FREE: 4 high visibility reflectors


Product Info

BöG Rechargeable Bike Lights are sold as a set, they  include a headlight and a taillight.

Designed to be ultra bright, our cycling light set are water resistant and easy to install. We added a large capacity battery so they can shine bright for hours. We also made them easy to recharge with their USB port. Kits include, mounting brackets and cables for charging so you can easily plug into USB port and charge them.

As you already know, when cycling, being able to see is as important as being able to be seen. Using bike lights can help prevent an accident!

  • USB rechargeable bicycle light set includes the following:
  • Headlight: 3 high visibility LEDs and 3 functions (continuous and intermittent).
  • Taillight: 3 high visibility LEDs and a high refraction red lens, with 3 functions.
  • Headlight and taillight mounts quickly and securely adjust to any size bar.
  • 2 charging cables.
  • Included Bonus – 4 high visibility self adhesive reflectors.
  • Our BoG Lights set is GUARANTEED FOR LIFE. We stand behind our products and believe in excellent customer service.

The lights also include a clip and they can be attached to clothing items, pants, belts even baseball caps to be used when you are not biking.

They are engineered as a lights for bikes & tested for safety and durability, they provide great value.

BöG Rechargeable Bike Lights are:

  • Light Set – Includes headlight and taillight.
  • Lightweight but durable.
  • Extended capacity rechargeable battery.
  • Very easy to install. No tools or skills required!
  • Quick release system: just turn the lights 90 degrees to remove and pack them away (theft prevention).
  • Easy to recharge with USB ports.
  • Our bright LED lights set can be used for bikes, scooter and more to provide safety and convenience.
  • BoG Lights are water resistant.
  • Value set at an incredible price!

These LED bike light set offers superior brightness & are intended to be used as security lights:
– You will be noticed in traffic.
– They will also illuminate the path at close range, showing you bumps and potential hazards in the road, but they were not intended to be used for illuminating the path at long range in complete darkness.

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Great lights
Baron on March 9, 2017
Works great and last a long time on a single charge. I really like the use of a rubber band to hold the lights in place. This makes them easy to move to different bikes or in my case scooters.
I have no negatives about these lights. They are bright, small, and easy to install.
Great way to save money on batteries, and is very bright.
Paul Montoya on March 4, 2017
This item is awesome and relieves the cost of constantly buying batteries. The charging mechanism is a great idea for anyone who rides at night. In my case, it's on a scooter for that's for disabled people. Worth the buy for sure!
Easy and well-functioning lights, Lifetime Warranty
Amazon Customer on January 31, 2017
These are super bright and have excellent visibility, are easy to install (and remove to take with you when locking your bike in a public place), and recharge easily, quickly, and well. I love not having to hunt for batteries, and using any micro-usb charger to charge. I also took advantage of their lifetime warranty when one broke. The replacement came quickly and all they needed was my order number. I'm fully expecting to never need to buy another pair of bike lights in my life.
Evaluation of Bog products
HuPa on August 29, 2016
Really good, they are visibles from a prudent distance. The price is affordable; their structure is firm and consistent. Conclusion a good product.
Excellent small and bright lights
G.Morgan on August 12, 2016
Small and Bright on both lights, great charge on them right out of the box, been out a lot with no charge yet. I will be buying another set for wife's bike.
Great lights at a great price
Randy Rowell on July 23, 2016
Although these were a little smaller than I expected, they put out a great deal of light. I ride mostly in the mornings before sunrise, so I was wanting a cheap, rechargeable headlight. This one fit the bill, plus it came with a taillight as a bonus The headlight was easy to mount and is just as easy to remove without removing the base. The taillight can be fitted with the mount, but I just used the built on clip to put on my seat bag. These don't have varied lighting, just constant on, slow blinking, and strobe, all at the same brightness. I keep my taillight on strobe, and the headlight on constant on until the sun rises, then I put it on slow blinking. They recharge quickly, and seem to last several hours on a single charge (I have only had to charge them once since I received them). All in all, these are a great bargain and I would recommend.
Amazing lights! Mounts are extremely easy and quick to ...
Grant Mayland on July 21, 2016
Amazing lights! Mounts are extremely easy and quick to setup, they clip on and off very easily as well. EXTREMELY bright. I was shocked such little LED lights could get so bright. Simple the best, especially for that price.
The package included everything described and was a great deal for the price
Jessica Rubesch on July 2, 2016
The lights came as ordered on time. The package included everything described and was a great deal for the price. The lights are mall but very bright and the charge last at least 4 hours of running time as far as I can tell. The lights were very easy to install and I liked rubber band method as it makes it very easy to re-position the lights as much as you need to. The reflective strips that came with were a nice bonus! I definitely would recommend these bike lights.
Amazon Customer on June 28, 2016
They are super easy to install
Carlos Arredondo on May 26, 2016
I got these not really expecting much because they were so cheap. They are super easy to install. I put the rear red light on my saddle bag by the little clip that's already on it. and I used the mounting deal that came with the lights to attach the front light to my handle bars. They are pretty bright and the fact that they are USB rechargeable is a major plus.

I bike to work about 4 miles early in the morning before the sun comes up which takes me between 20 and 30 minutes and the lights fully charged lasted about two weeks before I started noticing they weren't as bright as usually and needed to be recharged. I will say that they've gotten wet in some light rain and still keep working. If they ever get stolen or broken off my bike I will definitely get another set. It's not like they break the bank or anything.

For the price they were better than what I expected.
Pretty incredible for the money!
Richard on May 10, 2016
Really awesome, tiny lightweight lights. Great battery time with 2 charging cables. Couldn't be happier. The headlight is great even in total darkness. I was worried about the method for fixing it to the bike - but the elastic band is pure genius - very secure, super light, requires no screws and won't scratch the bike. With a quick twist, the lights pop off for recharging.

I'd buy these again.
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