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Emergency bike mini pump – compact bicycle pump with hoseEmergency bike mini pump – compact cycling pump with hoseEmergency bike mini pump – compact cycling pumpEmergency bike mini pump with PRESTA-SCHRADER-HOSE adapter

Bike Mini Pump


COMPACT, LIGHT & DURABLE ~ This emergency mini pump is easy & convenient to use. Made of aluminum for durability & weight savings

FITS ANYWHERE ~ Fits in saddle bag, your pocket or mount smart bracket under your water cage. At only 86 gram & 7.5″ long (about the size of a pencil) means it won’t drag you down.

SAVE YOUR KNUCKLES ~ avoid getting your hands banged up by adding distance between your rim and your hand with our double ended hose for convenient connection to Presta and Schrader tire valves.


Get Your Bike Mini Pump! If it ever fails, let us know and we will replace it!Lifetime replacement guarantee: if it ever fails, let us know and we will replace it!



Product Info

When cycling, a flat can ruin your day. That’s why everyone needs a pump. Mini pump are both lighter and much cheaper option than CO2 cartridges and they are a great option to get you home if you get multiple flats. Being able to inflate your tire while away from the shop is a must! Now it’s easy with this lightweight, compact high pressure, bike mini pump, designed to be used on both Presta & Schrader stem valves.

Made out of metal alloys to be super durable and light, at only 89 grams, this mini pump is feather light and conveniently fits every where.

We dare to offer a Lifetime Guarantee because we know it’s a good mini bike pump!

This emergency hand pump is not only small and light, but portable enough to fit in your pocket, bicycle saddle bag or installed in a bracket next to your water cage where it will be out of the way, but ready to use in an emergency.

We designed this cycling pump with a double ended flexible hose to make it easier to use than those with a lever, and to protect your hands while pumping. By adding distance between the bicycle rim and your hands, you avoid skinning your knuckles while inflating your bike tires. Our smart hose is double ended; it fits Schrader valves on one end & Presta on the other, making this compact, emergency bicycle pump both simple and effective.

The included light weight smart bracket is strong and features a simple, quick locking band to keep your pump safely in place.

Be race ready with a perfect size pump, capable of inflating tires to 116 psi (race bike pressure), and made to easily fit almost anywhere. It’s still big enough to get your tires pumped fast.

Bike Mini Pump Specs:

  • Ultra lightweight: 86 grams / 3.14 ounces
  • Size: 7.5″ long and less than 1″ wide
  • Capacity: 116 psi / 8 bar
  • Hose: double ended flexible rubber hose with Presta and Schrader connectors
  • Barrel: ultra light alloy
  • Handle: composite
  • Mounting bracket: composite


Can this pump fit into a saddle bag?

The BöG Bike Mini Pump is approx. 7.5″ long and about 1″ wide. It’s about as long as a regular pencil, and about as wide as a quarter. This emergency pump easily fits in most saddle bags.

Will this pump replace my CO2 cartridge inflator?

Compact Mini Pumps can replace and also are a great addition if you want to use your CO2 inflators. Mini pumps are lighter and cheaper than CO2 cartridges. Use them to top off your tires to the right pressure, and definitely come in handy if you have multiple flats.

Can you attach a needle to. say, blow up a basketball?

Absolutely! It can be attached to any threaded attachment that will fit Presta or Schrader valve stems.

How do you mount the pump if you already have a bottle cage on your bicycle?

Our smart bracket was designed with offset so it can fit directly under the cage.  Longer screws are included with the pump to compensate for the additional width.


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I am very pleased with my purchase
Khaled Taffion April 14, 2017
This is a very good mini bike pump. It is very lightweight and comes with all you need to attach it to your bike easily. It's easy to pump air. Very good price for the pump that will fit the odd size valve stem. It works great and is a great price. I am very pleased with my purchase. Hope you all love it and I highly recommend this product.
Excellent product
Aurelianon March 21, 2017
Could not think of a better designed mini air pump. Everything is well made, durable material, very light weight, great look. I am hardly impressed with industrial design. But must say, I love it. Perfect as an air pump on the move.
A definite five-star product
Amazon Customer on March 14, 2017
Some friends have one for their wheelchair, they recommended it, it came very quickly in the mail is so compact I can keep it with me on the wheel share so when I fly the tires don't explode and I can pump them up upon arrival. A definite five-star product.
Trust this
Amazon Customer on December 12, 2016
Love the pump and its size. Very useful on the road. Measures about 1 foot long by 3/4" diameter. Great for my presto valve fixed gear bike. The connection that keeps the holes of air dust tight is very flimsy- I tore mine off and it still works fine (Talking about the bottom cap you see in the picture). Love this and it has never let me down.
You should get this.
R. E. D on September 11, 2016
Small and simple. I had the chance to use this pump on a flat tire today and it filled up a 700x 32 tire in about 250 pumps. Simpler than carrying CO2. Flex tip makes it easy to pump fast without breaking anything. I am very happy with this purchase.
Great so far!
Chris P on September 9, 2016
I haven't had to use this yet (and hopefully won't anytime soon) but it looks nice and fits great on the bike!
Takes a lot of pumps but it works perfect. Easy to use on both presta and Schrader ...
Jeremy F. on August 30, 2016
Takes a lot of pumps but it works perfect. Easy to use on both presta and Schrader valves. Overall I am happy with this purchase.
Great little pump!
Amazon Customer on August 18, 2016
Love, love, love this little pump. Hit the trails hard with it a few times now, and it hasn't fallen of my bike. Love the fact that you can use it with either valve. Works great for a quick trail pump up.
Good portable air pump
Rich R on August 17, 2016
This pump works well to get you back on the road (or trail) after fixing the flat, if you have a flat while out riding. It won't give you the air pressure of a floor pump, but only more expensive, bigger, and heavier portable pumps would. The clever short hose with one end Shrader and the other Presta is a good idea and works well.
This is a great little hand pump
ptullym on August 11, 2016
This is a great little hand pump. We bought it for our BoB stroller CE because the wheels are actually really difficult to fill up since the pump spout needs to be very small. This pump works great and you can use it directly from the pump or with a rubber extension.
ROBon - June 1, 2016
This is a very compact pump. It's also a very functional pump. I haven't had to use it in an emergency yet, but I did pump up an empty tire in my garage. It takes a lot of pumping but it gets the job done! I love the design with that hose connector; very easy to use. I've had problems with "portable pumps" in the past but I feel very confident that those problems are now history!
Great little pump
Captain Gordon - May 24, 2016
Great little pump. Well constructed and works as described. I tried it immediately after receiving it on my road bike tire with a presta valve. I didn't try on a strader valve tire but expect it would work just as well.
Danilo Zacarías - May 21, 2016
Muy bueno
Joe - March 15, 2016
I purchased this to fit in my saddle bag – fits as advertised.

I tried it out on a tire and found that when I screwed it on the Schrader valve the threaded end is crimped tight to the hose so I had to turn the entire hose and pump to get it snug. I pumped up a tire and I was a little worried about how much air I would lose when I unscrewed the pump from the valve. I don’t know about you, but I’ve tried many pumps that have a quick release, screw end, etc. and they all lose a little to a lot of air when you take the pump off. Much to my surprise I didn’t lose any air! I tried it a couple of times, and no loss of air. I looked in the hose and there’s a rubber piece in the end that must be designed to seal against the Schrader valve then push in the button – which for me worked great every time.

Anyway, the size is just what I needed, it’s currently a great price, it’s lightweight and has a nice metal (not cheap plastic) body, it looks like it has a lifetime guarantee, it never runs out of CO2, and as a bonus it doesn’t even leak any air then you take if off your Schrader valve. What more could you want?
I love the screw-on action of the included hose
Pete Poon - April 25, 2016
This pump is really compact and seems to be surprisingly well-made. I love the screw-on action of the included hose, to me this is so much better than the usual finger-snapping lever.

Although it will probably take you half of the day to pump your tire up to 100+ PSI, getting 60 PSI is reasonably easy and is definitely enough to let you ride home or to the closest REI
This is much better than other mini pumps
Daniel K Riffle - March 29, 2016
I've used it twice. The hose is so helpful. This is much better than other mini pumps without a hose, like the Topek Rocket. Your knuckles will thank you. Yes, it will take 100+ pumps to get you to a reasonable pressure, but that's true of any mini pump.
Great pump!
Amy O - September 1, 2015
Great pump! Quality, strong, durable parts, compact design, pumps air quickly, comes with a bike attachment.
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