LED bike light set
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5 LED Bike Light Set


ULTRA BRIGHT 5 led bike light set with
3 Settings (Headlight) – 7 Settings (Taillight)

Long lasting battery life

Fits most bikes and can even be used as a scooter light


This light for bike combo improves your safety in traffic

Water resistant


FREE: 4 high visibility reflectors


Product Info

LED Bike light Set includes:

  • Headlight: 5 high visibility LEDs and 3 functions (continuous and intermittent).
  • Taillight: 5 high visibility LEDs and a high refraction red lens, with 7 functions.
  • 4 high visibility self adhesive reflectors.

EASY INSTALLATION: Headlight and taillight mount quickly and securely adjust to any size bar.

Our BoG Lights set is GUARANTEED FOR LIFE. We stand behind our products and believe in customer service excellence.

Engineered as a light for bike & tested for safety and durability, it provides great value.

Our LED bicycle lights:

  • Are lightweight but durable.
  • Are very easy to install. No special tools or skills required!
  • Feature a quick release system: just slide the lights off the mounts to remove and pack them away (to prevent theft).
  • BoG Lights have been designed specifically for bicycles. NOT just a flashlight with a bike mount.
  • Provide safety and economy with great battery life.
  • BoG Lights are water resistant.
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This is a value LED bike light set at an excellent  price!

Can be used as a scooter light. This LED bike light set offers superior brightness. It is intended to be used as security lights: you will be noticed in traffic. They will also illuminate the path at close range, showing you bumps and potential hazards in the road, but they were not intended to be used for illuminating the path at long range in complete darkness. This is a battery operated LED light, if you are looking at rechargeable light sets click here to see our product.

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Great Value
Peter V. Owenson April 20, 2017
I've bought four sets of these for various bikes. They are bright, easy to operate, and have a variety of modes including several flashing alternatives. The mounting gear is versatile and allows several mounting locations with different bar and tube sizes. Standard AAA batteries have a long life in the flashing mode. The price is right, and the product well made. Great value.
Great safety addition
Tomon December 8, 2016
Works great on my bike and the easily removable headlight has 3 light settings so it is great for walks at night to alert oncoming traffic to your presence. Adds an excellent safety factor to your ride or walk. Fairly easy to attach to the bike and doesn't detract from the bikes looks.
Price, size, and function just right!
Benjamin C Rich on August 31, 2016
Simple design with easy/versatile installation that should accommodate most size bikes. Both lights connect to bike, but could be easily removed to be used for flashlight/visibility. There was some bonus reflective tape included in the kit that I wasn't expecting. All told, a great value for the price.
Great deal for great product
FaFa on August 12, 2016
I liked the price and I like the product. Just bought my second one. Either the tail light was stolen or it was knocked off. Excellent product
Great light and excellent customer service!
TDigs on August 8, 2016
These lights are very bright and easily seen. I had no trouble mounting the lights and feel much safer with them. The price is great. I had a bit of trouble and contacted BoG. Their customer service was fantastic. Received a reply from my inquire within a short time. I sent the information requested and had the problem solved within an hour. I highly recommend these lights and the BoG company.
Great lights
nicole i. fajardo on July 18, 2016
These lights are awesome! Easy to fasten on my bike. Lights up the street for great visibility. I would totally recommend this product, and fast shipping!
Good light kit great price
C. W. on July 4, 2016
Great value on a well-made headlight tail light setup for a bicycle. Headlight is extremely bright and throws a good beam. The back tail light is extremely bright with several blinking light patterns to choose from and is easily transferred from the bicycle and can easily clip 2 a backpack or your belt. Makes for very good visibility from behind especially from all the distracted drivers these days to keep them from hitting you. I highly recommend.
For ANY bicycler, young or old
Becky & Derrick, Northern Wisconsin
I bought this set for my 12 year old son and he loves it! We live out in the country and riding his bike is one of his favorite things to do.. and this light set adds another very welcome safety feature! Not only does it warn drivers of his position, it also lights his way and makes it easier for him to see upcoming obstacles! For a small light it is very bright. I recommend this light set for ANY bicycler, young or old.
These are really easy to install and work very well
Christopher Scheideman on June 5, 2016
These are really easy to install and work very well. There are several different settings, which helps with different types of situations.The LEDs are bright enough to see from afar. This product works well and is very reasonably priced.
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